World Vision

Prime Enterprise Holdings is proud to be associated with World Vision.
Each store that the group operates sponsors a child.

Additionally staff and management voluntarily support  the cost.

As a customer you can also support this great cause by donating in store.

The number of children we support is growing .

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World Vision Australia seeks to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities by transforming the world where they live.

Drawing on over 60 years of experiences in holistic, long-term community development and emergency relief initiatives, World Vision Australia currently contributes to the sustained wellbeing of almost two million children in over 60 countries each year. Our goal is to leverage our partnerships and extend the reach of our impact to 20 million children by 2021.

The World Vision “way”

World Vision seeks to transform lives by tackling the causes of poverty.

Our commitment to transformational development is evidenced by our long-term local community partnerships. Our hallmark development approach – Arena Development Programs – sees us partnering with local communities for up to 15 years to help effect lasting positive change.

Our work is characterised by enormous diversity and covers a number of sectors focused on providing maximum impact for change. Our partnerships with communities adopt a holistic approach to development that combines development, relief and advocacy efforts to address the many interconnected aspects of poverty. From improving healthcare and ensuring reliable access to food, to improving income through economic development opportunities; from providing opportunities for education and life skills development, to improving access to clean water and sanitation, World Vision seeks to transform lives by transforming the world people live in.

With a focus in community empowerment rather than service delivery, we actively encourage child and community participation in local development initiatives, our programs aim to build community capacities to driver their own development for decades to come.

To this end, our transformational development approach also builds partnerships with local organizations, community groups, faith-based groups and governments to enhance local capacities to sustain positive changes well beyond our presence in a community.

Catch the vision

Strong and committed major partnerships are crucial in creating sustained, long-term impact that help to eliminate poverty and its causes.

We invite you to explore our work and gain greater insights into how our holistic approach to community development is helping to transform the lives of children, families and communities all around the world. United by shared values, we seek to foster strategic, collaborative and dynamic major partnerships that create maximum impact for lasting change.

We invite you to partner with us for a poverty-free future.