Statistics indicate that the
odds are in you favour.

Franchises are exponentially more likely to make it through the tough years says Mike Welch, president of Fran data – a franchise brokerage and consulting firm in USA. In fact five times more likely to succeed and be in business after 10 years.

It is also comforting to know
that you are protected by the

There is a national Franchise Code of Conduct that Franchisors and Franchisees need to follow. This keeps everything out in the open and allows all to understand their respective roles and responsibilities. You also have a very clear upfront knowledge of what costs you are going to incur.

Prime experts are there to assist you produce your own impressive stastistics


The great thing about owning a Prime  franchise is that you have a head Start.

This means that you have an established brand and established product range that has strong brand recognition. Brand awareness takes years to achieve and right from the start when customers approach your business they already have a clear idea of what is on offer. They may  have had a great sushi roll, a special teriyaki experience or a great coffee so now they are at your door  because they have a positive memory from a previous experience.

The Prime  Group has purchasing power

This allows you to save money as a franchisee. The group is able to pool its purchasing power with selected suppliers and this assists in making you more competitive. This combined purchasing power  allows you to share in the savings for software programs such as POS (point of sale  cash machine), advertising and promotion.

Prime  will engage a reputable experienced builder

Prime will assist in achieving the best possible quality and price. Prime has a wealth of experience with preferred builders and fit out teams and can deliver on time and on budget.Prime has the experience to negotiate with major developers, retail groups and landlords.

Prime will focus on your business and the bulk of the marketing will be done for you

This will include advertising, event marketing, publications, social media, sponsorship, newspapers, radio and localised marketing.

We will be there to assist you through every step

Whenever you need support we are only a phone call away and can provide solutions. You don’t have to go it alone. There is power in numbers and by combining resources we are able to take all challenges head on as a group.
With Prime you are supported by a team of people working with you to help you succeed. You will be able to communicate with corporate leaders and apply that advice to your business.

There’s potential to expand.

You may consider after the success of your first store that a second or third store is the best way to expand your empire. This is where Prime can assist you to take those steps. We are your business partners through each day and onwards.

The great thing is you know exactly what you are buying.

You get to view all the data, investigate existing stores and see for yourself how others are doing. It is easier to calculate what sort of income you can expect as the model is built for you.

Typically it is easier to gain finance for Franchisees.

Banks in general are more aligned with loaning to businesses with a track
record as opposed to a new start up business.

Tried and tested operational systems are already in place

That means you can operate your business at full steam right from the start knowing  the path is already laid out for you. Training is provided and  we are keenly interested in making your business a success. We consider ourselves to be your business partners and as such will make every effort to get you 100% operational  from day 1. Prime cannot guarantee sales and profit figures as these are dependent on location and the effort you put into your business.

Prime  has the ability to seek out the most suitable locations.

As they say  location location location is the key. We have a depth of knowledge built up over  years when it comes to site selection. We have strong healthy relationships with many of the premium developers and always receive the latest information about up and coming opportunities. Site selection is very important in making your food business viable. You can feel comforted that the right research and experience has been applied in selecting the very best possible site for your business. The group has the ability to negotiate fair and reasonable market rates with the big names (Westfield, Centro, Stockland, Ray White) and others.

Alternatively we have existing locations with strong goodwill available for franchise.

Prime  engages the best in design

Prime has experienced architects to custom design your restaurant in keeping with the brand. We will make all the necessary applications and coordinate with the builder to produce a contemporary industry leading look for your location.

You will be part of the Prime family and at all times you will be part of the team

Prime is focused on making your business shine. You are able to tap into our experience and will have access to important business data. You will be able to tap into the trends that are occurring within the industry and become an industry leader. Prime is abreast of industry news and will keep you updated on the latest equipment, products, cost saving avenues and regulatory requirements.

Why not follow your dreams and have better work conditions.

Less politics – have fun at work and be your own boss. Why not spend your time doing something you are passionate about. Here’s your opportunity to gain control of your own destiny. Here’s your chance to be the boss while
having the back up and support you need to succeed. As a business owner you can decide when you start and finish and ultimately who does what and when. We are not saying it’s going to be easy. It will take a lot of hard work,
but at all times you will know the benefit will be going directly to your cause.

With a franchise you will have a better chance of selling

When the time is right for you we will assist you with your exit strategy and it is possible that we may have qualified candidates ready to take over. With the franchised business there are usually more buyers. You’re not just buying a job when you take up a Prime Enterprise Franchise – you are building equity and it is something that can be passed on or can be used as your move to eventual retirement.